About the Authors:

Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D., a psychotherapist, and William J. Pieper, M.D. (1929-2014), a psychiatrist, have been practicing and teaching Intrapsychic Humanism for over 30 years. The Piepers are co-authors of numerous articles and books, including Intrapsychic Humanism: An Introduction to a Comprehensive Psychology and Philosophy of Mind (Falcon II Press, 1990); Smart Love: The Compassionate Alternative to Discipline that Will Make You a Better Parent and Your Child a Better Person (Harvard Common Press, 1999), and Addicted to Unhappiness: Free Yourself from Moods and Behaviors that Undermine Relationships, Work, and the Life You Want (McGraw-Hill, 2002, 2004). For over thirty years, the Piepers have conducted clinical research and been in private practice treating children, adolescents, and adults, counseling parents, and supervising other mental health professionals. Parents of five children, the authors reside in Chicago.