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Intrapsychic Humanism

Intrapsychic Humanism is a theory about our innate motive and need for personal meaning. This personal meaning relates to knowing we are personally cared for and unconditionally worthy, in and of ourselves.

The theory of Intrapsychic Humanism describes how this personal meaning develops within the parenting relationship in identifiable stages from infancy through early adulthood. When this personal meaning is fully developed it conveys a stable certainty and inner well-being that supports self-caretaking choices in creating happy and fulfilling lives.

Inner Humanism® Psychotherapy

Intrapsychic Humanism also provides a theory about how and why this need and motive for personal meaning can develop in a distorted, unstable form that gives rise to psychological pain and behavioral and relationship dysfunction. The theory entails a psychotherapy approach, Inner Humanism that works through the therapeutic relationship in facilitating the development of increasingly stable personal meaning and constructive interpersonal functioning.

Intrapsychic Humanism Society

The Intrapsychic Humanism Society is a membership organization that offers learning opportunities to promote the application of these groundbreaking principles in both our professional and personal lives.

2019 Programs

The Society sponsors continuing education programs for mental health professionals in Inner Humanism psychotherapy, clinical ethics, diversity, and related clinical topics. The Society also offers public lectures applying the principles to contemporary issues in diverse fields, including early child development, education, parenting, child welfare, self-help, business, and social decision making. See our future and past programs for more information.

In addition, the Society offers monthly study groups on Intrapsychic Humanism for in-depth study of the entire unified, comprehensive psychology and philosophy of mind.


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Next IH Society Professional Development Program
Co-Sponsored by the Women's Issues Section of the Illinois Psychological Association

“In the Cultural Awakening of the #MeToo Movement, How Can Psychotherapists Help?”
“Using the Therapeutic Relationship to Build Her Inner Strength, Resistance to Mistreatment, and Pursuit of Mutually Caring Relationships”

Carla Beatrici, Psy.D., Marian Sharkey, Ph.D., Tamara Garrity, Psy.D., and Michael Zakalik, Psy.D.

Experienced psychotherapists will discuss the impact negative gender related messages can have on female teens and adults. Using clinical material from teen and adult cases, the presenters will describe how the therapeutic relationship can strengthen and stabilize genuine, internalized self-worth, constructive self-caretaking, and pursuit of mutually caring interpersonal relationships. The presenters will include how to help females within the therapeutic relationship develop their own minds, take themselves seriously, care for themselves while also caring for others, use their voices to share losses and mistreatment in relationships, stand up for themselves, and turn away from relationships that are harmful to them. They will address how male therapists can think about their roles, and how to help parents provide accurate caregiving responses that foster genuine self-worth. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion with audience participants.

June 22, 2019, 3-5 pm | Loyola University, Lewis Tower, Beane Hall, 13th Floor, 111 E. Pearson

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