What is Intrapsychic Humanism?

Intrapsychic humanism, developed by Drs. Martha Heineman Pieper and William J. Pieper, is a general psychology and philosophy of mind that describes a unified theory of normal development, psychopathology, and treatment. Intrapsychic humanism is a theory about how our minds develop during childhood to create a meaningful life.

Intrapsychic humanism provides an understanding of human development that gives parents the potential to raise children who can attain a conflict-free, pleasurable, self-regulated experience of self, even in a world of inescapable external loss. The theory also leads to a therapeutic approach whereby an individual with troubling psychic pain can achieve an unconflicted, pleasurable inner well-being.

You can learn about the principles and applications of intrapsychic humanism in the following three books written by Drs. Martha Heineman Pieper and William Pieper: