Basic Blue: A Short Course on Intrapsychic Humanism

A Course Presented by Board Members of the Intrapsychic Humanism Society - Saturday, March 1st & Sunday, March 2nd 2008 The members of the board of the Intrapsychic Humanism Society will offer a short course on the theory of intrapsychic humanism. The seminar will follow the chapter structure of the book Intrapsychic Humanism (1990) by Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D. and William J. Pieper, M.D. We will present some of the key points in the book in everyday language with the goal of enhancing your enjoyment of reading the book. In addition, the Piepers will be available to answer participants’ questions at the end of the course. The seminar is designed for those new to the theory, as well as those familiar with the principles of the theory who wish to further deepen their study. We look forward to March 1st and 2nd when we will explore the ideas of intrapsychic humanism together.