Following the Child: Montessori and the Latest Research in Human Development

A Lecture by: Don Czerwinskyj, B.A., A.M.S., E.C. - Friday, May 18, 2007 The Montessori approach is centered on a partnership between the child and teacher. Teachers interact with children in a prepared environment and observe them playing with a unique set of materials in order to discover their learning interests. This presentation will describe how, in response to latest research in human development, Montessori teacher training in the Midwest is adjusting its focus to address children’s care-getting as well as their academic needs. Mr. Czerwinskyj is a certified Montessori teacher who has served as a teacher and instructor for over twenty-five years. He is currently Director of Education at Montessori Heartland Teacher Education Center in Moline, Illinois and Co-Director, with his wife Joyce, of New Morning Montessori in Itasca, Illinois.