Diversity Workshop: How Social Identity Group Memberships Make A Difference By Winifred E. Scott, Ph.D. and Bill Gregory

Professionals across all service areas frequently interact with clients, colleagues, patients, and students from different sociocultural backgrounds than their own. In this professional development workshop, Dr. Winifred E. Scott and Mr. Bill Gregory will help social workers, psychologists, professional counselors, teachers and others deepen their awareness of how the Social Identity Group Memberships of their clients, colleagues, and themselves can play a role in the planning, communication and delivery of their services. Dr. Scott and Mr. Gregory will present and discuss in depth eight Social Identity Group Memberships with the aim of helping participants use their own varied cultural backgrounds in a reflective manner. Small groups will discuss and raise questions about Social Identity Group Memberships and anecdotal material from cases involving diversity issues will be explored. **This seminar satisfies the Cultural Competency CE requirement for social workers** Presenters Bio: Dr.Winifred E. Scott is an organizational development consultant and an executive coach specializing in communication skills and cultural diversity. She has a Ph.D. in education from the University of Chicago. Mr. Bill Gregory is a corporate consultant who works with Dr. Scott helping clients from diverse professional organizations and industries.