Intrapsychic Humanism in the Workplace: Interpersonal Problem-Solving and Negotiation/Conflict-Resolution

by Robert B. Carroll, AM, MBA Whether you work in a social service agency or a medical, educational or business setting, situations often occur where people need to problem-solve and come to an agreement on issues. People may bring different viewpoints to the problem; some may have conflicting goals, and others may hold strong personal feelings about what outcomes are acceptable. Intrapsychic Humanism offers perceptions and principles that provide a means to understand the viewpoints of others and of oneself, as well as the goals and personal feelings that shape these viewpoints. This presentation will illustrate how applying the principles of Intrapsychic Humanism can help create trust and a reflective relationship “space” during the negotiation/conflict-resolution process, creating an opportunity for mutual exchange of information and problem-solving.