Comparing Psychological Theories: How Does Intrapsychic Humanism Fit In?

A Presentation by Annemarie Slobig, Psy.D., Dean & Program Chair, Clinical Psychology,Argosy University Chicago Friday, June 24, 2011, 6 p.m. In this seminar Dr. Slobig will compare the theory of intrapsychic humanism to some of the major schools of thought that dominate psychotherapy practice today. Every clinical practice approach has its own set of assumptions about the essence of human nature, the causes of psychopathology, the nature of the therapeutic relationship, and the factors that facilitate change. Whether these assumptions are explicated or not they influence every aspect of clinical practice from how the therapist understands and responds to the clients’ communications, to how they define effective practice. In this presentation Dr. Slobig will identify and compare some key tenets of some of the major psychotherapy approaches, highlighting the differences these assumptions make in clinical practice. For those new to the theory of intrapsychic humanism, this seminar will help place the theory in a broader context of theories of psychotherapy and highlight how intrapsychic humanism truly does represent a new psychology. For those participants familiar with intrapsychic humanism, this comparative analysis will highlight some key points of convergence or divergence between intrapsychic humanism and some of the major schools of thought guiding psychotherapy today.